The Book: Aesthesia

Two minds bound together centuries apart, threaten to change humanity forever.

I am from 1999. When I was subjected to large amount of electromagnetic energy I started anew with a blank state having no recollection of who I was, where or when I had come from. Here, in 2578, I am known as Ethan, an accomplished aged genius who has apparently shaped society. My reality is fragmented as I move backward through time, and I quickly learn foresight is only a gift when you possess hindsight.

My life becomes laced with a new level of insanity when I find my mind is not my own but shared with another; Maya, a despicable ruthless con artist from 2004, who is my constant and as time goes on I fall in love with her. I know her better than I’ll ever know anybody and to not be able to see her, to touch her is torture. I need answers from the scientists who did this to me.

I want to get back to my time, but don’t know what the effects will be of my return. Should humanity pay the ultimate price for my salvation, or will humanity pay if I don’t get back and stay here continuing to fracture time?


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